While conducting our activities in the capacity of Data Controller, we, BERK İLAÇ İTHALAT VE PAZARLAMA A.Ş. (“BERK İLAÇ”), conduct maximum care for security of personal data, basic rights and freedoms, in particular confidentiality of private life within the scope of processing your personal data.

Some of your personal data are processed by BERK İLAÇ, in the capacity of data controller. And, by this Information Notice, we hereby inform you regarding the means, purpose, legal reasons of collection and transferring of your personal data, and your rights, in accordance with the provisions of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (the “LPPD”). This Information Notice covers all real persons, personal data of whom are processed by BERK İLAÇ, except for the employees of BERK İLAÇ, candidate employees who make job application to BERK İLAÇ.

BERK İLAÇ reserves the right to update this Information Notice, at any time, within the framework of changes that may be made in relevant legislation and changes which shall occur in the purposes of processing and transferring personal data. You can easily follow the updates that shall be made, on our web site at all times. Furthermore, upon your request, we shall share our Procedure on Keeping and Destruction of Personal Data, with you separately.

Data Controller: In accordance with the LPPD, your personal data can be processed by our company, with the trade name “BERK İLAÇ İTHALAT VE PAZARLAMA A.Ş.”, incorporated and conducting its activities as a Joint Stock Company in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, registered with İstanbul Trade Registry with registration number 299108 and with its principal place of business at the address of “Poligon Mah. Sarıyer Cad. Abc Plaza No.117/B Kat 2”, in the capacity of Data Controller; within the scope that is explained in this Information Notice.

Personal Data and Processing of Personal Data: According to the LPPD, your personal data shall consist of all kinds of information used to identify you or which renders your identity identifiable. And, the private personal data shall comprise of the data on persons’ race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, appearance and dressing, association, foundation or trade union membership, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures, and their biometric and genetic data.

Processing of personal data refers to all kinds of operations performed on the data in accordance with the LPPD, such as obtaining, storing, keeping, amending, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over these data, rendering them obtainable, classifying them and preventing their use.

Although your personal data processed by us in the capacity of Data Controller, vary according to the legal relation between our Company and you; these data contain your identity information (name-surname, mother’s-father’s name, the Republic of Turkey identity number, date of birth, gender, etc.), your signature circular, your tax certificate, operation certificate (certificate of good standing), your communication details (phone number, address, e-mail address), information regarding your education and professional experience (name of the institution where you work at, title you hold at that institution etc.), your financial information (your Bank IBAN number etc.), your signature specimen.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data: BERK İLAÇ may process your personal data and private personal data, generally within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Code of Obligations and other relevant legal legislation, for the purposes of conducting business operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, fulfilling its obligations arising from Agreement, carrying out the Company’s marketing activities and fulfilling its legal obligations.

Furthermore; BERK İLAÇ processes said data for the purposes and reasons of ensuring customers’/suppliers’ legal and commercial security, conducting keeping (storage) and archive operations, setting commercial and business strategies, conducting information security processes, performing audit activities, conducting service sales processes, maintaining business activities, conducting finance and accounting transactions, conducting communication activities, providing after-sales support, providing information to authorised persons, institutions and entities, conducting service marketing processes, following and conducting legal affairs, conducting risk management processes, making marketing analysis studies, following the requests and complaints.

Your personal data shall be processed in compliance with the principles of processing for compliance with the law and honesty rules, being correct and up-to-date when necessary, for certain, open and legitimate purposes; being related, limited and proportionate with the purpose, for which they are processed; being kept (stored) for the period as required in relevant legislation or as required for the purpose, for which they are processed.

Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data: We conduct our operations by obtaining your personal data having access to them in physical or electronic environments and obtaining them by automatic or non-automatic means in all other kinds of verbal, written or electronic environment, and via other channels through which our Company communicates or may communicate in the future with you; through channels such as our head office, organisations held, our call centre; for the purposes of being able to offer the service we provide, in determined legal framework and in this context, fulfilling completely and correctly the obligations of our Company arising from agreements and relevant legal legislation.

Your personal data which shall be collected based on this legal reason, may be processed and transferred for the purposes explained in this Information Notice, within the framework of the conditions and purposes of processing personal data, set forth in articles 4, 5 and 6 of the LPPD. And, the legal reasons for processing thereof, are as follows: Requirement for processing the personal data which belongs to you, on the condition that it is directly related with establishing a contractual relation with you or fulfilling our obligations arising from such agreement (for instance;  our ability to have access to your identity information by taking signature circular within the scope of the process of signing the agreement; according to signed agreement, for the purpose of ensuring communication for providing the services, processing your communication details, recording your Bank IBAN number for following payment operations etc.) legitimate interests of the Data Controller, your explicit consent we shall obtain from you in necessary circumstances.

Transfer of Personal Data: Your personal data which shall be collected; may be disclosed for the purposes of performing the business activities conducted by BERK İLAÇ, in compliance with relevant legislation and the Company’s Internal Policies and Procedures, ensuring legal and commercial security of the real and legal persons with whom/which BERK İLAÇ maintains business relation, maintaining business activities and for other purposes of processing defined in this Information Notice; to BERK İLAÇ’s shareholders, group companies, business partners, consultants, auditors and/or suppliers and our business partners and service providers which provide our information technologies infrastructure to our customers, which operate it or offer services, to our business partners and service providers which offer services in the fields of quality control of services, complaint management and risk analysis, to legally authorised public authorities and private persons and institutions and third persons, in case demanded for resolution of legal disputes or in accordance with relevant legislation, to administrative authorities, judicial authorities or related security forces, in cases required due to legitimate interests of the data controller, to third persons which may be determined specially, being limited to purposes defined in this information notice; and may be processed accordingly, in Turkey or abroad.

Rights of the Personal Data Subject:

You shall have the rights;

  1. to learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  2. if your personal data is processed, to request information in relation thereto,
  3. to learn for what purpose your personal data is processed and whether it is used for intended purposes, or not,
  4. to know the third persons, to whom your personal data is disclosed in Turkey and abroad,
  5. in case your personal data is processed incompletely or incorrectly, to request correction thereof,
  6. to request deletion or destruction of your personal data,
  7. to request that your deletion or destruction requests, be notified to third persons to whom your personal data is disclosed,
  8. to object against a consequence which may arise to your disadvantage, due to analysis, by automatic systems exclusively, of your processed data,
  9. in case you suffer any damages due to processing of your personal data illegally, to request indemnification of such damages.

You can send your requests and objections regarding correction, deletion, destruction of the information; to our Company, in writing to our postal address or e-mail address specified below, or by other means allowed by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Postal Address: Poligon Mah. Sarıyer Cad. Abc Plaza No.117/B Kat 2

E-mail address:

We undertake that your personal data shall be processed, at all times, in compliance with relevant legislation and the Company’s own data protection policies; that your personal rights shall be protected; that your personal data shall be kept confidential; that we shall take all kinds of technical and administrative measures and shall conduct due care to ensure confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Berk İlaç A.Ş.

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